Monday, December 14, 2009

Pic Today 12/14/09

The beautiful Christmas flower, Poinsettia, has a bad rap. Some don't bring them home, around children or pets, because of a long standing fear that POINSETTIAS ARE POISONOUS. This is simply not true! Finally someone has put his flower where his mouth is . . . .

The noted gardener, P. Allen Smith, has set the record straight on national TV, eating all parts of the plant, on live television . . . removing any doubts about the plant's toxicity . . . consuming proof that the red leaves, the green leaves, the small center flowers, if digested, are completely harmless. And should the family cat or dog devour an entire plant or more, the worse for their system is a mild upset stomach. It's safe for the household to enjoy Poinsettias this holiday season (December 12 was National Poinsettia Day!). They come in pink, salmon, white and of course red, and hold their color for 2 months or more.

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