Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pic Today 12/29/09

There's nothing like a REAL Christmas tree ! ! ! And if you chose to enjoy a real tree this holiday season, here's a friendly reminder to help you recycle it naturally. (After all, it came from the earth, so it's your job to return it to the earth.)

Lots of natural ways to recycle your tree (just don't forget to remove all the ornaments and tinsel):

o Find a spot in your yard to offer cover for wildlife, or lay it under a bird feeder for nesting or perching. Then remove it in Spring.

o Sink it in a pond to enhance fish habitat. (If it's not your pond, get permission first.)

o Take it to your local recycling center (check http://www.recyclesaintlouis.com/ for composting and shredding locations. Some municipalities will pick up your tree for FREE. In Kirkwood, trees are picked up free at your front curb during January.

Thank you for recycling your holiday tree.

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