Monday, January 25, 2010

Pic Today 1/25/10

You can't "beet" this colorful baked chip . . .

Here's a tasty hors d'oeuvre for your next party . . . easy to make, and full of color and nutrition:


Get some fresh beets from your grocer -- yellow ones work great. (Yes, they come in decorator colors besides the popular crimson shade.) Trim the stems, and peel several globes. Then slice into thin circles (a "mandolin" food slicer makes this job easy.) Spread onto cookie sheets. (Silicon "Silpat" nonstick sheet liners keep them from sticking, but you can also use a light spray of cooking oil.) Bake at 350-degrees for 15-20 minutes; turn once until crisp and golden brown. (HINT: Cover with another pan to keep beet chips flat if you're going to top with chevre and herbs.)

These gorgeous chips will show off the striped colors of your beets.

Great party chips. Can't be beet!!

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