Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pic Today 1/26/10

Here's one tree that needs room . . . . LOTS AND LOTS OF ROOM.

The Banyan Tree is fouind 'round the world . . . South America, North America, China, Australia, India, Southern Asia and too many tropical islands to name. Different forms of the Banyan, known as the "strangling fig", thrive where ever the climate is warm, there's sufficient rainfall and lots of room.

Once mature, every version of this tree sends out aerial prop roots which strangle surrounding vegetation and take over the neighborhood. Harvey Firestone visited Thomas Edison at his winter home in Ft. Myers, Florida, in 1925 . . . and brought the inventor a small Banyan seedling he had collected in India. Today, you can visit the Edison Home in Ft. Myers and see that exact tree . . . which now covers 500 sq. feet (and growing).

Not a good candidate for house plant!

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