Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pic Today 1/27/10

Here's a creative, fun dessert idea for your next party . . .

FROZEN CARBONATED GRAPES ! ! ! Your guests will be amazed. YOU will be amazed.

Frozen grapes are easy, right? How about making them effervescent too?

Here's the trick . . .

You'll need to get some dry ice (check the yellow pages) . . . and some grapes, of course. Red grapes work best. Cut some small clumps of red grapes (serving size) and place them around a chunk of dry ice. (BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS STUFF -- NEVER DIRECTLY TOUCH DRY ICE. Use newspaper or gloves.) Place the dry ice and grapes in a burp-able container, e.g. Tupperware . . . overwrap the container in plastic wrap. Dry ice gives off carbon dioxide and will pressurize your container. (DO NOT USE A CONTAINER THAT SEALS COMPLETELY. REPEATING -- NO SCREW CAPS OR TIGHTLY SEALING CONTAINERS. No bomb making, ok?)

The grapes will freeze solid, and the CO2 released by the dry ice will carbonate your grapes.

It works. Tastes great too. It takes a couple of hours for the transformation to occur. Serve with dark chocolate and chilled grappa.

NOTE: Eat the grapes while they're frozen. Don't allow them to thaw -- they get mushy. Chewing on these frozen grapes is like eating bubbly grape sorbet. Great with dark chocolate.

Don't let the kids do this one. And no touching the dry ice. Safely dispose of the left over dry ice -- in the garage (or your neighbor's pool!)

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