Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pic Today 1/6/10

The most incredible Colombian coffee has just arrived ! ! !

If you love truly amazing, small farm, rare Colombian coffees -- hand roasted here in St. Louis -- and award winning to boot, then your ship has come in.

Each year, in the village of Monserrate, in the Huila region of southern Colombia, local coffee farmers bring their best beans to the local co-op Cupping Competition.
These small farmers are very proud of their hand picked, high altitude select beans, as the top winners are able to command the best prices for their crop.

Kaldi's Coffee was on hand to bid, win and purchase the entire lot of LO MEJOR DE MONSERRATE, the #1 First Place 2009 Cupping Competition winner -- the coffee which judges declared to be the best of the best. Kaldi's is exclusive roaster of this sublime and flavorful coffee, and it is now available for sale STARTING TODAY.

So run (don't walk)to your nearest Kaldi's Coffee to try the best from Monserrate, Colombia . . . the beans grown and harvested by Oscar Fernando Medina.

(No, I don't work for Kaldi's. But yes, I lived in Colombia and have photographed the coffee farms in Huila, Colombia, and tasted these beautiful, amazing coffees.
For my cup, the best there is to drink.)

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