Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pic Today 2/13/10


Home gardening has never been more popular. It's healthy . . . it's easy . . . it's fun. And you don't need a home or a garden. Lots of city dwellers and apartment folk grow food and flowers. All you need is a container and some sunshine . . . and some SEEDS!

Cold weather crops (spinach, lettuce, pansies) can be planted outside next month. Or you can plant indoors right now, and have seedlings to move outside when temperatures warm. There's lots of indoor seed containers that will let you start gardening right now.

There's 2 ways to get started. Visit your local garden store right now. They've got hundreds of seed varieties to choose from -- plus advice and suggestions from someone who can help. (OK Hatchery in Kirkwood is a great spot for seeds and advice.) Or go online and check out the seed companies. 3 good ones are:,, and

Got kids? Get 'em involved. It's a great way to go GREEN (especially your thumb.)

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