Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pic Today 2/20/10

Easter is getting close. And that's good news because . . . .

PEEPS are now on grocer's shelves ! !

Wow, what an array of dazzling new colors. Of course there's the original yellow baby chicks, and the traditional Easter bunnies. But something new this season . . . Sugar-Free PEEPS (they're not bad) . . . and Chocolate Covered PEEPS (what took them so long?)

You'll want to lay in a supply of PEEPS chicks for your future "jousting events." There's some terrific new You Tube videos out there. (Just GOOGLE "PEEPS Jousting".) You'll love what PEEPsters are up to out there . . . besides cleaning up the insides of their microwave ovens!

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