Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pic Today 2/25/10


to BUGS and garden accessories.

This well known landmark building in Kirkwood is now home to The Bug Store, but its restored painted brick store front is a reminder of its rich history. Joseph Coulter bought out John Q. Murphy's feed store business at 113 West Argonne in 1904 (then named Coulter OK Hatchery). Yes, he "hatched" and sold baby chicks, along with farm supplies and animal feed.
(The primary supplier of the feeds was Purina Chows, who paid for the paint job and the familiar checkerboard squares.) Oscar Krieger bought the OK Hatchery name and business in 1947, and moved it to East Madison Avenue . . . and eventually to its current location at 115 East Argonne (across from the Kirkwood Farmers Market.)

The Bug Store is worth a visit. With the gardening season approaching, they sell "good bugs" (predator insects who protect area gardens by eating the "bad bugs.") And they offer much, much more . . . including two stories of garden accessories, environmental products, educational toys and incredibly beautiful framed insects and butterflies (more bugs!). Stop by and get a tour from Judy Brauer and "KC", the store mascot.

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