Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pic Today 2/27/10

Stamps . . . stamps . . . and more stamps ! ! !

The St. Louis Stamp Expo is in town this weekend . . . more than 50 stamp dealers will be on hand, specializing in postage stamps, letters, postcards and postal history from the U.S. and virtually every country of the world. And whether you're an active stamp collector (philatelist) or just interested in postal history, there's a lot going on Saturday & Sunday at the Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel (doors open both days at 10:00 AM.)

Stamps say so much about history, commemorating famous statesmen, accomplishments and achievements . . . and are a relatively recent "proof of payment" for U.S. mail service (since 1847.) Fascinating exhibits are on display, including Military Postal History, as well as Illinois and Missouri Postal History. Kids are welcome (16 and under are admitted FREE), and there's lots for them to do and see . . . including a "kids only" room where they can start their own collection and search for stamps, and leave with a FREE BAG of stamps and supplies.

DID YOU KNOW . . . most countries have specific rules on postage stamp designs/pictures? Stamps of the U.S. may not depict any person who has been dead for less than 10 years, except U.S. Presidents, who may appear one year after there demise.
POSTAL TRIVIA . . . in 1860, mail was carried by horseback from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California . . . nearly 1,900 miles via the famous "pony express". How many states did this service cross? Believe it or not, ONLY TWO . . . Missouri and California . . . since the rest of the U.S. area was still "territory".

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