Friday, February 5, 2010

Pic Today 2/5/10

"Much Ado About Nothing!"

When Chaminade high school student, Jimmy Winkelmann, poked fun at the popular NORTH FACE brand of outdoor wear last year, with his tongue-in-cheek logoed SOUTH BUTT sweat shirts, it's for sure he couldn't have imagined the "federal case" law suit now hanging over his head. The North Face brand is not amused, and intent on eliminating the sale and use of this local (ha ha) line of South Butt merchandise . . . in federal court, no less.

It's curious how all this has gained national press, with a team of corporate lawyers, and become SUCH A BIG DEAL. Geeeez! After all, you can only buy these home made "pun in cheek" items (shirts, jackets and shorts) at a small chain of St. Louis pharmacies, and Jimmy's new website.

Maybe all this would have quietly faded away if NORTH FACE would have just "faced the other way." Oh well . . . .

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