Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pic Today 2/7/10


PEEPS have come a long way since the little yellow marshmallow chicks started becoming a traditional Easter time candy treat. PEEPS have been around for 50 years, and now available worldwide . . . they're also available in pink, blue, red and white . . . bunnies, Santas, Halloween figures and now (drum roll, please) . . . red Valentine heart PEEPS ! ! !

People either hate 'em or love 'em, but one thing for sure . . . they're soft, they're squishy, they're fun and they're cheap. Enthusiasts are particular about their PEEPS. They like 'em soft and fresh . . . stale . . . frozen . . . roasted on an open campfire. And then there's PEEP JOUSTING ! ! (It's a crazy wagering "event" that's catching on worldwide.) Place two PEEP chicks, face to face, inches apart, with toothpicks inserted under their wing, in a microwave oven "arena". Bet on which chick will be pierced (and explode) as the microwaves make their marshmallow bodies expand. The surviving chick wins, and bets are paid off. (There is a messy microwave oven to clean up, however.)

If you doubt the popularity of these PEEP confections, consider this: there are over 200 websites devoted to PEEPS. The fun ones to visit are the PEEP JOUSTING sites. Some great PEEP jousting video battles here.

Red PEEP hearts for your Valentine this year. Impress your Valentine at the microwave.

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