Monday, February 8, 2010

Pic Today 2/8/10

Some Super Bowl surprises this year . . .

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS New Orleans Saints. Wow, what a game.

Next, some great Super Bowl TV commercials . . . a rare Letterman CBS promo spot, with David, Oprah and Jay Leno . . . the E-Trade kids were back . . . Monster.Com's fiddling beaver . . . Casual Fridays at the office . . . some predictable lame Bud Light spots . . . and the funniest commercial of the night (in my humble opinion) was for Snickers, where Betty White and Abe Vigoda are open field tackled on the football field. OMG, funny stuff. (Keep in mind, Betty and Abe are each over 85 years old . . . and still very, very funny.) Good stuff, Snickers.

I imagine they're still celebrating today in the French Quarter . . .

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