Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pic Today 4/27/10


An incredible photo just released
taken by the Hubble Telescope of
The Carina Nebula
7,500 light years from Earth.

Granted, I am departing from the premise
of this Pic-A-Day photo blog,
whereby I submit photos (and commentary) daily
from MY camera, but this is an amazing photo
in celebration of NASA's 20th anniversary
of the Hubble Telescope.

This image shows a tower of cool hydrogen and dust,
3 light years tall...3 LIGHT YEARS TALL!!!
(Lest we forget, a "light year" is defined as
the distance light travels in one year!)

This is the stuff where stars are born.
Our universe is remarkable to behold.
(Good job Hubble. Keep snapping away.)

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