Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pic Today 5/1/10


Our St. Louis Gateway Arch
is indeed a 'triumph' in engineering.

(When was the last time you visited the Arch?)
Park on the riverfront, climb the steps
(whew, it's a work out!)
and enjoy the grounds and the view.

And speaking of steps,
in the event you get stuck at the top,
there are exactly 1,076 steps in each leg
to take you to ground level.
(whew again!)

Interesting side note:
The Arch is one of the strongest possible shapes
as a perfect "catenary arch"
630' high and 630' wide at its base.
(A catenary arch is the shape a chain forms
when held at two ends and allowed to hang freely.
Freeze that shape, turn it upside down,
and you've got the engineering design for our Arch.)

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