Friday, June 11, 2010

Pic Today 6/11/10


Now is the season for black raspberries,
although you won't find them in most
grocery stores. These fragile little berries
are worth the search in farmers markets, and
not easily confused with blackberries which
are three times their size.

Black raspberries are easily cultivated in
home gardens, but must be picked one berry
at a time. Their flavor is delicate and more complex
than the larger red raspberry variety.

American indians and settlers alike
dyed blankets and clothing a deep purple
in boiled black raspberry juice. (So watch out,
don't get these juicy berries on your clothes.)

Black raspberries are very high in anti oxidants,
and are currently being studied at Ohio State University
as a potential "anti cancer" drug.

Good things do indeed come in small packages!

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  1. Rick,
    These are great photos and little bits of wisdom