Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pic Today 7/13/10


. . . they don't wash off!

There's a certain permanence with each decision
to add tattoos to our skin
(no matter how discreet or public their location.)

Take this tattoo, for instance . . .
the chemical molecular symbol of tryptamine
(the powerful hallucinogenic drug in psilocybin mushrooms.)
Tryptamine is revered, and in some cases considered
almost sacred, by some indigenous cultures
and dedicated drug chemists
(and in this case, our young enthusiast.)

Stuck with this "druggie tattoo" for life, you wonder?
Not necessarily.
Adding an oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H) atom
to the molecule (and the tattoo) converts
tryptamine to serotonin (non hallucinogenic)
a universal neurotransmitter building block in all of us.
An easy fix at the tattoo artist studio.

Problem solved!

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