Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pic Today 7/31/10


. . . "putting 'em in your pocket"
(as the folk song goes.)

The paw paw is native to Missouri's
shady, rich bottomlands,
where it forms a dense undergrowth
along well drained river banks and hillsides.
The trees are often bunched together in a thicket
as their root systems are connected in one colony.

Paw paw fruits are highly prized and quite delicious,
but must be picked quickly when the fruits
turn from green to golden brown.
The shelf life of the ripe fruit is almost non-existent,
for it falls to the ground and starts fermenting instantly.
The fruit tastes of bananas and mangos
and is well worth the search in early fall.

Look for them now when paw paws are green and forming,
so you know where to search come September.

See you then
"way down yonder in the paw paw patch."

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