Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pic Today 7/8/10


Missouri is blessed with an abundance
of wild blackberries -- on roadsides,
fence lines and riverbanks.
They're easy to spot right now,
in bright red clumps as they ripen
into shiny plump black berries,
and their taste is worth the search.

Blackberries are ripe when they
pull easily from thorny bushes
and they've turned deep black.
(Redish berries are bitter.)

Warning: Where there's blackberries
there are chiggers. Wear long sleeves and pants.
An old Missouri repellant tip that works:
Swallow the head of a regular kitchen match
before you go pickin'. That small amount of sulphur,
ingested, will repel most ticks and chiggers.

Time to make some home-made
wild blackberry cobbler.

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