Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pic Today 8/1/10


Joy Stinger
(yes, that's her real name)
raises bees in Clayton, Missouri
and sells her honey and bee pollen
at the Clayton Farmer's Market
every other Saturday, 8am - Noon.

This sprightly 75-year-old also sells
her honey and pollen out of her home
on Westmoreland Avenue, and is happy
to tour her miniature urban farm and hives.
(Call for an appointment: 314-862-0509).

"A half teaspoon of bee pollen every morning
is nature's perfect food, and will help your metabolism,
increase energy, aid digestion, improve blood pressure,
eliminate depression and lessen allergies," Joy says.

"My honey is absolutely delicious, too," Joy says,
"because my bees love my linden trees and mint garden."

Visit Joy Stinger at the Clayton Farmer's Market;
her next appearance there will be August 14.
Try her honey and pollen, and BEE healthy.
(She sells bees wax candles, too.)

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