Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pic Today 8/18/10


Great grilling ideas
from my friend, John:

1. Salsiccia. Use skewers and
twine to form salsiccia links into
one large pinwheel. It's so much
easier to grill and turn.
(Don't let the fire get too hot.)
Fresh lemon juice squeezed on
just before serving.

2. Spedini. This flavorful Italian
round steak specialty is a bit more
complicated, stuffed with cheese,
herbs, breadcrumbs, and placed
on skewers; grilled to perfection.
Visit DiGregorio's Market
(Daggett Avenue "on The Hill");
they'll prepare and slice the beef
and give you recipe ideas!

Thanks, John, for teaching us these
delicious grilling ideas.

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