Friday, August 20, 2010

Pic Today 8/20/10


These strange, wart-covered pods
are among the most bitter of all fruits,
and yet the tropical bitter melon is a popular
ingredient in the cuisines of China, India, Japan,
Pakistan, Indonesia, Colombia and the Philippines.

Now available fresh in Asian and specialty markets
in St. Louis (including Whole Foods Market),
bitter melon is a flavor "counterpoint" in many
recipes for its bitter, tart taste.
It is typically used in stir-fries, soups & tea.
Many recipes use bitter melon slices with
egg plant, okra, beans, hot peppers and sweet coconut.

In Colombia, bitter melon (cerasse) is used to
treat malaria. In the Philippines, it is used to
counteract type-II diabetes . . . throughout Asia,
to treat HIV infection and prevent breast cancer.
Medicinal benefits are just now being discovered.

Hundreds of recipes and medicinal benefits
for bitter melon can be found on the internet.
Add a few slices to your next stir fry,
and surprise your guests!

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