Friday, August 27, 2010

Pic Today 8/27/10


This cute little car is the
Nissan CUBE,
the shape of cars to come
(from Japan, anyway.)

When you see a CUBE on the road
there's no mistaking it . . .
especially from the rear.
Decidedly targeting a youth market,
it has an asymmetrical rear window,
oval shaped driver and front passenger windows,
a shag carpet dashboard & bungee cords on the doors.

The CUBE has earned two awards of note:
2010 Automobile Design of the Year Award,
and 2010 AAA Top Vehicle for Dog Owners.

The New York Times has described the CUBE as
"fun and deeply strange in an authentically
Japanese way -- undiluted Tokyo chic."
(Not sure if that's positive or negative. Ha.)

Definitely not your grandma's wheels!

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