Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pic Today 8/8/10

mean better milk, better beef.

Have you heard?
Cows and cattle were born to graze naturally,
not to fatten up on corn in feed lots . . .
but on grass, in pastures.

Grass fed beef and milk are a better choice
for your diet . . . better for your health,
better for the environment, and
much better for the animals.

Grass fed beef and milk products are:

1/2 to 1/3 less fat and calories
Higher in Omega-3
Higher in Vitamin E & Beta-carotene
Zero risk of Mad Cow disease
Reduced risk of diabetes & cardio diseases
Delicious with a clean, pure taste

These animals are raised compassionately,
and with respect!

Straub's, Whole Foods Market, Tower Grove Farmers Market,
and area grocery stores are now carrying sustainable
grass fed beef products, farmed responsibly
here in Missouri by Rain Crow Ranch,
Doniphan, Missouri.

Make a better choice.
Make it GRASS FED.
"It's what's for dinner."

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