Monday, September 13, 2010

Pic Today 9/13/10


1. Pick a nice day. Drive to Alton, Illinois.
Turn left, drive along the Mississippi
on the Great River Road.

2. Pass through Grafton, enter the
Brussels Ferry entrance for your
FREE ferry ride across the Mississippi.
(This is where they spot bald eagles!)

3. Continue 7 miles to Brussels, Illinois;
stop at Odelehr's Roadside Market.

Say hi to Kenny & Sandi Odelehr and
stock up on the very best apple butter,
peach butter and pumpkin butter.
Mrs. Odelehr has been making old fashioned
real apple butter for years. Now Kenny and Sandi
are operating this landmark farm fresh stand
in "apple country" U.S.A. (Mrs. Odelehr is
still busy -- visiting farmers markets.)

These fruit butters are cooked the old fashioned
way, in open kettles. You can taste the difference.
This year's apple crop is a good one, too.
Odelehr's apple butter is cooked from
Jonathan and Golden Delicious apples.

This is a beautiful road trip along the Mississippi,
including a free boat ride.
Take the kids . . . play hookie . . . and STOCK UP.

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