Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pic Today 9/16/10


Here's a fun way to celebrate
the arrival of pomegranates --
(they're in season now) --

You'll need one fresh pomegranate,
and a bottle of your favorite bubbly
(sparkling apple juice, champagne,
even club soda, something with bubbles.)

Cut open a pomegranate. Peel back the skin
and remove the seeds (avrils). Rinse them
in water, removing the white pulp, and
spread them on a towel to dry.
(NOTE: You can freeze the extra seeds.
There are about 600 seeds in each fruit.)

Pour a glass of your favorite bubbly, and add
10-20 seeds to the glass. Normally, pomegranate
seeds will sink to the bottom, but the bubbles
cling to each seed making them bob up and down.
(Some call this a "Lava Lamp Cocktail.")

Don't be afraid to chomp on the seeds between sips.
Each seed pops with a delicious burst of
sweet pomegranate juice.

Delicious . . . festive . . . and absolutely
loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants.

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