Friday, September 17, 2010

Pic Today 9/17/10


Unmistakable goldenrod adds yellow
to the landscape this time of year,
and is under-appreciated
(except of course by pollinating insects.)

Goldenrod is unfairly blamed for
causing hay fever in humans.
Its pollen is far too heavy and sticky
to be blown far from its flowers,
but it's a fat meal for most bees.

Thomas Edison experimented with goldenrod
to produce rubber, which it contains naturally.
The tires on Edison's Model T, given to him
by his friend Henry Ford, were made from
100% goldenrod rubber.
(The invention of synthetic rubber in WW-II
ended goldenrod's cultivation for rubber.)

There's an old saying in the Midwest:
"When goldenrod blooms, it will soon be time
to go back to school."

True enough!

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