Monday, September 6, 2010

Pic Today 9/6/10


Aubergine is the name for the color "eggplant"
which would only be dark purple in Europe.
But in the U.S. and Asia, there are many other
shades and shapes of eggplant.

(The term eggplant originated as a description
of white colored eggplants because they looked like eggs.)

Chinese eggplants are dark violet or white, and thin;
Thai eggplants are small, round and forest green; and
beautiful Turkish eggplant are bright orange.

No need to fry them southern style.
Enjoy these exotic varieties by slicing and grilling
(or roasting) to avoid the oil . . . or
quickly saute them in a wok with mushrooms,
sliced veggies and, of course, garlic!

Crayola introduced the color eggplant
to its colorbox in 1998.
(It's a brownish dark purple.)

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