Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pic Today 10/31/10


With roots back to the Middle Ages
when poor beggars went door to door
in Britain on Hallowmass (November 1)
receiving food in return for their prayers for the dead
on All Souls Day (November 2),
Halloween has been celebrated on this day
in North American and Europe in many ways.

Today we celebrate Halloween with Jack-o-lanterns
carved from pumpkins, and kids (of all ages)
dressing up in costume, and going door to door
for treats and candy, for their jokes or riddles to solve.
Here's hoping your tricks are fun,
and your treats delicious.


  1. A picture very successful and very informative text !
    At the moment, the children have just rang at my door, unfortunately I had no candy and I had a spell ! :((