Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pic Today 10/5/10


Those beautiful slate-blue eyes say it all . . .
No, this is a lover.
This is a sweetie pie.
Meet Sam the pit bull.

Some pit bulls get these hypnotic blue eyes,
and they say so much about the breed.

They are NOT born mean;
they do NOT have locking jaws;
they are NOT vicious fighters;
they do NOT attack more people than any other breed.
In fact they are one of the most loyal and loving
family dogs you can own.

A testament to this breed is the rehabilitation of
all but one of Michael Vick's 57 pit bulls,
which were trained to fight to the death.
Thanks to "Best Friends Animal Sanctuary",
Vick's dogs are now in treatment and learning
how to play, relax and love,
living in volunteer foster homes
with other pets and CHILDREN.
God bless these sweet dogs.

(Vick deserves no future glory on any football field!)

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