Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pic Today 11/20/10


On a mountain top, far above Bogota,
lies the Sanctuary of Monserrate, built in 1657,
and a popular pilgrimage destination for
thousands of Colombians and foreigners alike.

For over 4 centuries, faithful and devoted believers
mount with devotion the narrow, rustic steps
to the sanctuary and chapel at the summit
as a penitential act . . . including athletes,
foreigners and curious tourists.

For those who make it (at nearly 2-miles elevation)
Monserrate is a destination for thousands each year
who search for peace and forgiveness,
with a priest's personal blessing on each forehead.

For those less fit, there's a cable car to the top.

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  1. Hi Rick

    I'd like to think that I would walk it but I would probably take the cable car.
    Enjoy your Saturday.