Monday, November 22, 2010

Pic Today 11/22/10


They're plantains (platanos),
and they're not just in South America anymore.
In fact, you can find them in most
international grocery markets these days.

They're not eaten raw as a sweet fruit, like bananas.
And they're absolutely delicious when cooked,
especially fried as "chips."

Here's an easy recipe worth a try:

1. Get 3-4 large plantains; let them ripen.
2. Peel and slice into 1/4" oval rounds.
3. Deep fry them in 2" hot oil (350˚)
until golden brown. Turn once.
4. Drain and cool on paper towels.
5. Press and flatten each round.
6. Deep fry again, until crisp.
7. Drain, cool and serve.

Serve with spicy salsa or mole.
Muy delicioso!

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  1. Hummmm... I love fried bananas. Ahhhh!!! How I wish I had them for lunch today!!! =/

    Here to thank you for following my poetry blog, Poesia Torta (Crooked Poetry), to retribute your kindness and check your photography - it's also one of my passions. =)

    Take care and keep smiling, Rick.