Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pic Today 12/12/10


Just in time for the holidays,
new PEEPS candies have hit store shelves.
This year, there are 2 new shapes to enjoy:
Frosty The Snowman & Christmas Holiday Trees.

Of course, PEEPS are always the same recipe:
sugar coated marshmallows!
But since they were introduced in 1952
(yellow chicks were the original shape - hence the name),
PEEPS have debuted in a variety
of seasonal shapes and colors
(for Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween, etc.)

PEEPS are popular worldwide,
and today sold in 35 different countries.
There's a PEEPS Fan Club, PEEPS blogs & contests,
and over 100 PEEPS videos on the internet.
(Check out the PEEPS "jousting duels."
Hint: marshmallows explode in the microwave.)

4.2-million PEEPS candies are made EVERY DAY
at the Just Born Candy Company in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
(The company was started by Russian immigrant, Sam Born.)

And yes, many prefer their PEEPS stale.
(Just open the package, and let them sit out for 2 weeks.)


  1. Thanks for the pictures and the interesting history of the "peeps". I know only the marshmallows ... :-)

  2. Love the little peeps, interesting how they have been around so long.
    Do we buy them out of nostalgia? They are just pure taste has become a little more refined since those Easter baskets many years ago,... but still....ah!

    Sweet memories!