Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pic Today 1/11/11


While photographing a recent gourmet dining event,
a guest noticed one of his "baked apple chips"
bore a striking resemblance to
U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.
(I asked to photograph his remarkable chip.)

The guest then carefully wrapped his presidential chip
between two cards, and slipped it in his pocket.
(Upon further research, I discovered why.)

Consider these facts:

o Last month, two sisters from Virginia
sold their Illinois-shaped corn flake
on E-Bay for $1,350.

o Earlier last year, an image and likeness
of the Virgin Mary, burned on a piece of
French Toast, was purchased by a casino
on E-Bay for $28,000.

o Vast sums of money are spent weekly on
various foods shaped like body parts,
especially the sexual anatomy.

o People spend ridiculous amounts of money
for silly things, on E-Bay.

(Lesson: Watch your food carefully!
There's money in recognizable food shapes.)


  1. now that's something interesting and funny too :P

    have a goood day Rick :)))

  2. too funny!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning and for you kind comments Rick.

  3. Oh Rick, I couldn't believe my eyes. The bloody chip does look like ol' Ab!!! Should I have known this earlier, I 'd have kept that cloud I saw the other day that looked exactly like Liberache wearing a white tutu... rats !!! What is next, I wonder. No, seriously, I enjoyed this post a lot ! It's amazing what some people consider "collectible". Now, I would like to tell you that your comments make my day, I really appreciate it. How about your journey? How was it? Would love to see pics you took.
    My respect and my best :)

  4. Hahahah! That's hilarious :p