Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pic Today 1/12/11


Breakfast at a Waffle House diner
is definitely one of my guilty pleasures.
High fat, ultra calorie and
supremely delicious!

Sitting at the counter, dining on bacon and eggs,
hot coffee and a signature waffle (of course).
How can anything so bad for you
taste so good?

With over 1,600 Waffle House locations
1n 25 states in the U.S., and open 24 hours/day,
it's a good thing there's not one close to home.

What better way to celebrate the start
of my January diet for the New Year,
than to find a Waffle House while traveling
and giving in to
my Guilty Pleasure #17.


  1. thanks for the compliments. Always be comfortable in my blog

  2. Sound delicious!
    Here in Argentina you probably get mad, there's no places like that.. and isn't common eat eggs and bacon for breakfast.. But i love it, first time a went to America it was like WOOOOW niiice.. weird but nice ;)

    Thank's for your comment! And sorry about my english.. is not so good yet :p


  3. looks delicious .........and once in a while guilty pleasure is good :))

    have a great week ahead Rick ....

  4. I love waffles ... thank you for these pictures and I get hungry at the sight :-)

  5. mmmmmmm, looks delicious, if it wouldn't be so far I would surely come and try it myself :). Enjoy it, you only live once.