Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pic Today 1/22/11


You never know what you'll discover,
shopping in Bogotá, Colombia.
Most of the "trade" happens on the streets,
as it has for thousands of years . . .
vendors laying out their wares,
hand-made, recycled, restored, home-brewed.

Vintage cameras (with original rolls of film),
eye glasses (near-sighted, far-sighted).
Hand made jewelry, woven rugs and purses.
Herbs, potions, teas from the jungle.
And if you dare, you can try a bottle of vintage
Vino de COCA,
wine aged with coca leaves.

(You won't find that on most wine lists!)


  1. Ha -- you have 122 followers and today is 1/22, sweet,

    Nice candid photos of the market place. I am impressed with how clean and organized everything is,looks a lot nicer then many of our flea markets, which always look disarrayed to me. Did you buy anything? Perhaps that is another post for another day.

    have a nice week end.


  2. Ohhhh look at those beautiful film cameras.

  3. I am keeping BOGOTA on my travel list for sure .....

  4. you make me smile!!!!
    thanks for this amazing trip!!!

  5. Mielen kiintoisia kuvia.
    Hienoja yksityskohtia.

  6. You made me smile, Rick! Wonderful images. I'll visit South America at the end of this year. Just came back after some fantastic days on ski but I still have alpine daydreams :-)Still looking for your dream car in Bulgaria :-)

  7. I'll keep an eye out :-) I promise :-) I'm going to Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Terra del fuego. I wanted to do this since I saw "The Motorcycle Diaries" some years ago.

    This is also Bulgaria featured in a previous post of mine:

  8. I would love to be at that marked! There simply is nothing better than visiting markeds in far away places :)

    Have a happy weekend!

  9. That seems a great market. The camera on the right looks like a Kodak 127 ? I had one of those as a birthday present when I was about 10 years old..