Monday, January 24, 2011

Pic Today 1/24/11


Snowy days are a great time to visit the zoo.

There's never a crowd,
and some animals just love getting out . . .

like the Bactrian camels
from the Middle Eastern desert.
These 2-humped giants are well suited
for rugged winters or dry hot arid summers.
In the Spring, they shed their thick winter coats,
leaving them hairless in the summer heat.
(There are less than 1,000 left in the wild.)

or the Emperor penguins
who are permanent residents in Antartica
(except for those guests at the St. Louis Zoo.)
On some snowy winter Sunday afternoons,
lucky visitors get to witness the Emperors
as they march through the zoo grounds
and play in the snow.

(It's hard to tell if the people are watching the penguins,
or the penguins are watching the people!)


  1. Ops!!! you make me smile with firts picture!!!!

  2. i love this visit to zoo :)

  3. You are so right there. I wonder what animals think about us watching them. Are they like "Look at this funny person holding a thingy that flashes" ? Or are they even more perceptive like " Hey I look cool !!!" I can't help but think of Cowalski from Madagascar every time I see penguins. Last time I saw them in Barcelona and they seemed like the happiest bunch of fellas.

  4. :-)...believe me or not...just came back from the zoo in Frankfurt with my kids. Penguins are fave of ours. There is something special on your picrures - simplicity, fun, naturality. I like this. I'm in Germany. The chances are better here to find your dream car on the streets :-)

  5. Great pictures, makes me smile:)
    Have a nice week:)

  6. the camel doesnt look comfortable, but the penguins are in heaven! interesting photos Rick. Hugs from Brasil

  7. Excellent pictures !!
    thank you for your visit,
    greetings from Argentina.

  8. Kyllä on huvittavia kuvia...
    Nuo Pingviinit vielä saan sopimaan lumen ja jään keskelle... kyllä tuo 'kameli' on vähän niinko 'eksynyt erämaasta'...! :-))