Monday, January 31, 2011

Pic Today 1/31/11


I start my day with bee pollen,
just a teaspoon full.

Twice a year, I pay a visit to my friend,
Joy Stinger (it's her real name),
who raises bees locally and sells
her honey, bee pollen and bees wax.

On a recent visit to her city home/farm,
she invited me in to see her greenhouse (on the 3rd floor)
to meet her Portuguese water dogs,
all her chickens, her bird sanctuary,
her bees wax candle factory (in the basement),
and of course, her bees!

Each room of her house was an "art gallery"
of collected treasures -- paintings, figurines,
antiques, dolls, stained glass, photos, eggs,
potted plants, a life time of design and good taste.
She's become a celebrity of sorts, and a reliable
source of fresh bee pollen.

She's spry for her years, and promotes the healthy benefits
of bee pollen . . . which she calls the "perfect food."
Used in traditional Chinese and ancient Egyptian
herbal medicine for thousands of years,
bee pollen contains "every nutrient that we know of
required to sustain human life, and all the main
anti-oxidants that have been discovered to date."

Bee pollen granules are a combination of flower pollen,
nectar and the digestive juices of worker bees
that contain 22 amino acids, all the key vitamins
and essential trace elements essential for good health.

(Fact: I haven't been sick one day since
taking my daily dose of bee pollen.)

Thank you, Joy Stinger.
And thank you, bees!


  1. Rick

    Yes it is true, bee pollen -- my neighbor has a bee farm and lives on Queen Street -- I walk over there and leave my money in the mailbox slot on her front porch and take the jars of honey -- an honor system.

    Lovely photo's of a very creative lady.


  2. your friend is amazing, Rick! And her is not a coincidence, for sure.I'm going to look for a bee farm near me,thanks for the information, this is new for me. Have a nice week.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and affection...

  4. It,s very interesting.
    Blog beautifull

  5. May you always lead a healthy life .......God bless buddy :)

  6. As usual, it's always good to visit here :)
    I used o start my day with bee pollen too, one year ago more or lees..
    You remaind me that so, this week i'll buy some, really!
    Nature's wise, human race (not all of them) are just smart.. but, there's a tiny little difference between been wise and been smart, tiny but important :)


  7. Oh yes ?
    i am gonna try asap...