Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pic Today 2/12/11


Rocks . . . minerals . . . gems . . .
fossils . . . jewelry . . . jewelry supplies.

If you're into what comes from the earth
(and you know who you are!),
there's a rock show in town (St. Louis)
today and tomorrow.

Kirkwood Community Center
Geyer Road
(next to the ice rink)
Kirkwood, Missouri

February 12th and 13th.

Rock on!


  1. I never saw rocks and minerals selling out like this ....its amazing to me ....but my second thoughts are I am not at all jewelry person .. then how am I suppose to know ? :P

  2. I have a necklace that is made of minerals (I don't know the name) that are good for the vocal chords. I wear it when I'm hoarse or have a cold. Or some days before a gig. And it works! Therefore I absolutely believe in the power of minerals.

  3. he he who doesn't love a rock fest ! Wish I could visit the states again, there are always thousands of things going on in every place... miss the vastness too. Ah, someday ; Your feedback always makes my day ! Have a great weekend Ricky :)

  4. fantástico colorido y preciosas piedras un placer contemplarlas un beso taliá.