Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pic Today 2/19/11


Scenes from my recent trip
to southern Missouri
and the rugged Ozark Mountains.

One of the oldest mountain ranges on earth,
the Ozarks don't reach high altitudes,
but they're rich in natural diversity and history.

Rich farmland, hundreds of rivers and springs, and
caves that supported early man, Indians and settlers alike.
There are still families that choose a simpler life today,
living in 100-year-old cabins,
raising crops, cattle and children.

Pick-up trucks do better than cars
on most Ozark dirt roads, and
satellite dishes are behind the wood pile,
but you'll still find "out houses" with an incredible view.


  1. wonderful images, Rick. I didn't know of the one of the oldest mountain ranges on earth. Happy weekend!

  2. this is the kind of trip I like. It's so interesting to know that are north americans living like that, and as usual your photos are fantastic Rick! Thanks for sharing.xx

  3. I have seen the 3rd image on ARTISTS on Show!
    Great , wonderful photo!
    My compliments!

  4. the 3rd image is WOWness!!