Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pic Today 2/22/11


The very best thing for a garden
is rich, beautiful, deep dark, fragrant, nutritious compost.

And it's not too soon to work your
very own compost pile
for the upcoming growing season.
All you need is an outside space
where you can add yard trimmings & food scraps
with access to air circulation, protected from rain.

The recipe is easy.
There are some simple rules:

Add anything that once grew or came from the earth.
No meats or bones or milk products.
(This ensures sweet smells and no critters.)
Yard waste, leaves, straw, kitchen scraps.
Fruits, vegetables, flowers.
Stale bread, pasta, eggs, egg shells.
Tea and coffee grounds.

Nothing too big.
Chop into smaller pieces.
Mix it up every few days.
Don't let it dry out.
Then let nature take her course.

In 2-3 months you get the best soil amendment
and natural fertilizer you can find.
Till it in your spring garden.
Your flowers and vegetables will thank you.

Now you know what the best gardeners know:
Compost is "black gold."


  1. Was just thinking about SPRING.....

  2. Un buen trabajo, lo mejor es él reciclar, un saludo Rick

  3. I love this details!
    Have a nice day!

    xx Ilka

  4. This post, besides the wonderful photos, is very important and usefull, Rick. Thanks a lot.xx

  5. I haven't got a garden.. I just have a balcony cuz I live in a building on the 14th floor.. Too high for me when there's a lights court =/

    But! I'm happy just with some flowerpots. The colour green in any room gives some life to the atmosphere, don't u think?

    Argentinian kisses! :)