Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pic Today 4/26/11


Ever since our 'tornado weekend'
it's been raining . . . raining hard.

The forecast calls for rain all week.
It's too much for the earth to absorb.

Rivers are breaking their banks . . .
flooding the fields, the roads, where we live.

Levee gates are closing.
Sand bags stacking . . . makeshift dams, and hopes.
Flash flood warnings throughout the state.

People are evacuating . . .
wondering . . . praying!

Relentless rains . . .
shouldn't someone start building an ark?


  1. My heart goes out to you, Rick, and all your neighbors close and far. I hope the rains stop soon.

  2. Nunca llueve a gusto de todos, unas buenas fotografías, sobre todo la primera me gusta su encuadre y resultado, un abrazo Rick

  3. you have a lot of water in your images.... be safe and dry.

  4. Wow Rick impresionante, por aquí también ha llovido mucho, estas semanas, hay Estados donde llueve hace mas de una semana, días que se supone siempre hay sol radiante, se convirtieron en lluvia constante, besos Amigos, ojala pare de llover... cuídate mucho

  5. nunca llueve a gusto de todos..pero llover, tiene que llover.

    bonitas fotos