Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pic Today 5/14/11


Let's face it . . .
survival and procreation in the flower world
is based on sexual attraction and pollination.

No flower is unabashedly more sexually obvious
than the magnificently endowed hibiscus!
There's no missing the prominent and protruding
hibiscus pistil and stamen,
especially if you're a passing bumble bee.
(Its pollen-engorged stigmas are aching to discharge,
and the bee is just the one to "do it.")

Aaaah . . . the sex act is consummated.
Future generations of the beautiful hibiscus are assured.

The hibiscus is a generous summer time bush
generating flower blossoms until the first frost,
but it demands full sun and lots of "attention."

Health note:
Hibiscus flowers make a beneficial tea,
rich in anti-oxidants, vitamin C, and
able to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.
While living in Bogotá, Colombia,
street vendors would sell dried hibiscus flowers
which they call Flor de Jamaica (shown here.)


  1. pues las flores se lo pasan muy bien haciendo el amor...sin amor el mundo no continua.

    y además nos brindan todos sus beneficios y ventajas...disfrutemos como y de las plantas

  2. Thank you for the wonderful pictures, they are absolutely right on time to cheer me up today.
    The big Blogger problems killed my Birthday-Post, my new Blog-Design and about 20 comments on my blogs birthday. I've posted the birthday post again but all the wonderful comments are gone and it took me some time to wait and search to recover the design. What a misfortune for me, exactly on this important date for my blog. Almost unbelievable...

    I love hibiscus tea. Maybe that's why I look about 15 years younger than I am.

  3. Que buenos detalles los que has captado Rick, unos rojos preciosos, buen trabajo. Un fuerte abrazo para ti amigo Rick

  4. Mukavan värikkäitä kuvia. Tekstillä 'höystettynä'...
    Tietoa - uutta sellaista minulle...!
    Päivittäisenä teen-ystävänä mukavaa tietoa.

  5. Nice details, and I really like hibiscus tea!very erotic flower!

    xx Ilka

  6. Whenever I pass by your blog I learn something new! My garden is full of yellow hibiscus, but I've never heard about the healing power of its flowers! I didn't even know we could use them to make tea. Thanks again, Rick! xx and a have a nice weekend!

  7. Hibiscus...the bane of my flirty, yet when you cut them to bring their beauty inside...they shrivel up and die. Blast them.

  8. Hello Rick...
    Wow a beautiful specimen of Hibiscus...
    I have one in my garden,but not sexy like yours :o) just a wise simple pink..
    I know its therapeutic virtues ... it's delicious in tea ...
    Very nice pics ...: o) thank you very much for your kind messages .. one has actually flown in the virtual black hole :o) .. but the other remained quietly where he was ... thank you !

  9. It's awfully funny; one time I took some photos of flowers, and all my friends looked at me funny, and told me that the photos were "erotic". I just stood there, surprised. Now I can see how naive I had been :)

  10. Rick, you bring me happiness ... forever.
    You know all the issues .. you are a genius!
    Kisses friend.

  11. Beautiful Hibiscus, grear shots.

  12. Wonderful images Rick, and your hibiscus info makes me smile!!

  13. We called this "tapulanga" It is a very interesting flower. I also took macro lens shots of them several years ago. So amazing!

  14. Beautiful flower:)
    Have a nice week Rick.
    Greetings from,