Monday, May 16, 2011

Pic Today 5/16/11


In the digital age of iPods, CDs and MP3 players,
there's a media from yesteryear that's brings back
the sounds and memories from earlier decades . . .
but you'll need a record player!

In most cities, there's a resurgence of vintage vinyl stores
(like St. Louis' own Vintage Vinyl shop)
where collectors can sell, trade and buy
record albums from the past 60 years.
Some are very collectible and rare (expensive),
but most are very affordable and less expensive than CDs.
The quality and condition are surprisingly high.

The biggest advantage of record albums (LPs)
is the artwork, photography and information
included on the front and backs of the cover.

Vintage vinyl is seriously worth a "second listen."
(Vintage music stores are also a great source
of local concert and band information, too.)


  1. Que bello reportaje Rick, hacía mucho tiempo que no veía estos discos de vinilo, que recuerdos tan agradables, un fuerte abrazo Rick

  2. Technology has so changed the whole scenario. I never saw or heard a record player as in for real and I barely remember me buying a CD from one such music store. Everything is available online with easy download for whatever you want but yes, we are very seriously missing on some good stuff here.

    You have a great week ahead. And have lots of fun.


  3. Looks like an amazing store. I have had some chances, recently, to listen to vinyl records from the collection of one young music fan. Perhaps it's the imperfection of the sound that gives such an unusual impression.

  4. Oh,wow! I could spend hours in that store!
    Thank you for your concern, you're kind :) It will pass,life is short.
    Have a great day!

  5. I think I now someone who can spend a month in this store. Sometimes we are playing vinyl records. Thanks for sharing this post!

  6. Vinyl! ... I remember I was young ....
    Thank you for this interview!!
    Kisses friend.

  7. Nostálgica serie!
    Muy buenas fotografías!
    Saludos australes, Rick!

  8. Ah! Remnants of a wonderful past. We still have our vinyl; records. Of course. Thank you for taking me down memory lane.