Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pic Today 5/17/11


Nothing heralds the arrival of Spring
quite as deliciously as fresh garden asparagus.
And now is the time to buy and enjoy
these succulent homegrown sprouts.

Asparagus is best prepared and served quickly when picked,
as this vegetable deteriorates quickly and loses its peak flavor,
and its stalks toughen up after 48 hours of harvest.
Fresh asparagus is rich in potassium, folate and anti-oxidants,
important nutrients for pregnant women.

Germany has bestowed the title "royal vegetable" on asparagus,
and it is often grown "white" there for additional sweetness,
as it is cultivated covered in the soil, to prevent greening.
Asparagus was also a revered vegetable in ancient Rome.

Try grilling asparagus spears on the "barby" -- rub with
olive oil, turn and char lightly -- then cover with parmesan cheese.
A yummy way to celebrate Spring!

(And we don't even care if it makes our pee smelly!)


  1. Hmm vegetable with interesting history ...

    And being always around :)


  2. Bravo Rick me gusta esta presentación más que los esparragos, que es mi verdura favorita!!!
    gracias por este regalo!!!

  3. Rick you are an artist!
    I have come like eating .. ja ja ja
    Kisses friend, you are wonderful!

  4. Thanks, Rick, for your visit in my place. :)

    I like very much your pics too and your texts...


  5. Vaya cantidad de esparragos, que buenos estarán a la plancha, o con una buena mahonesa, un abrazo Rick

  6. OMG. What a coincidence.
    Or are you a mentlist?
    I eat them.
    Right now. Dinner time in Germany 6:30PM
    Taste great with argan oil. If you don't know this oil and ever have the opportunity to taste it, do it! I love it. Great for salads and fish too.
    I absolutely love asparagus and as in Germany is asparagus-time from May to June, I eat it every day now. My absolutely favourite vegetable.

    I didn't know that you are on YouTube *LOL*.

    I don't even know why I do this, maybe because I want to take as much from life as possible before I'm too old. And the older I get, the more courage I have to do something new and, even for myself, unexpected.
    It was more a coincidence than planned to start this.
    I like every new experience in this crazy modern world and this YouTube thing really is an exciting one. I'll see how it turns out.

    I'm happy that you get me right. There are many people out there who don't get my irony.

  7. i never heard of it being the royal veggie
    but oh yum!

  8. Rick, I left a comment this morning! Did I lose it?
    It said that I love this collection !

  9. Delicious post, Rick! Here we dont have aspargus as beautiful as those in your pictures.So, I'll have to eat them with my eyes, here, and that's it! xx