Friday, May 20, 2011

Pic Today 5/20/11


There was a time
when kids took turns
playing cowboys & indians . . .
with spurs and war paint,
bows with rubber arrows,
and holsters with cap guns
that shot straight and true.

We took turns being good guys and bad guys,
such innocent fun . . .
and what a thrill if we had boots and a hat,
or a holster with bullets
that said Buffalo Bill.

Those toys and relics, like these,
remind us when our backyards became
the wild west and "injuns" were behind every rock.

These keepsakes remind us of the 40s and 50s
when Buffalo Bill was in every hometown,
keeping law and order.

"Draw pardner."


  1. you collect them all!
    I loved the Indians!
    their huts, their clothes, their jewelry .... is an amazing culture!
    Thanks and have a nice day, Rick!

  2. Una bella colección del legendario Buffalo Bill, las de peliculas que he visto de este gran personaje, un abrazo para ti amigo Rick

  3. I sold Victory Garden seeds. The whole box full. During World War II. My prize was a set of Roy Rogers cap pistols. Wow. Was I ever the dude. Trouble was I never had a cowboy hat.

  4. This bring back memories from my childhood
    I was playing cowboys & indians
    It was a great time :)

    Good weekend!


  5. We was playing cowboys & indians also. But we got thing in the wood and made it by ourselves. You got nice photos, so many things you got! Thanks for sharing!

  6. A nice collection there pardner. A "I remember when" growing up we played in the woods and found arrow heads, and fleshing tools, and other Indian relics... and sat on sacred rocks and build small camp fires over a place called split rock where the Indians build camp fires and signed some treaties over land sales...