Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pic Today 5/24/11


Destructive storms continue to tear through Missouri,
including one single tornado that has killed 116 people,
injured over 500 and leveled the center of Joplin, Mo.

The massive tornado that struck Joplin
was nearly one mile wide, and took a path 6 miles long
through this southwestern Missouri city . . .
with winds of 200 miles per hour.
It is the single most destructive tornado on record
in the United States since 1947.

Homes and property were completely leveled,
including St. John's Hospital, with property and records
reportedly found 60 miles from Joplin.
Severe weather has continued to plague the state,
with tornado warnings issued for tomorrow,
in the same devastated areas of Missouri.

The southern half of our state reports massive storms today,
including high winds, large hail and loss of trees & property.
This Spring season has over 1,000 tornados
recorded throughout Missouri.
(That sets an unfortunate record!)

Our hearts and prayers go out to families who
have lost their homes and loved ones.


  1. Can not fight the force of nature!
    but we can pray!
    Thanks Rick for that great picture!!!


  2. I heard about it on TV yesterday. So sad! It seems to me nature wants to tell us something. We feel so weak, there's nothing to do besides pray. I feel sorry for these families too.

  3. Thanks for the images. We saw it on tv. We are so small when the natur set in. Thanks for sharing whit us. Have a nice week to you.

  4. Migo, vai depois no meu blog, e pegue o selinho comemorativo de 1 ano, estou oferecendo a todos os meus seguidores e amigos!


  5. It surely has been a horrible and truly frightening weather experience lately. I can only pray that it ends soon.

  6. Oh my God. Look at that cloud. That is so scary. Utter devastation. This is just tragic. Your photograph says it all.:(

  7. un desastre lo que esta ocurriendo este año con los tornados, mis condolencias y apoyo a todos los que sufren estos desastres, un abrazo amigo Rick