Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pic Today 5/4/11


Despite our wet and violent weather here,
iris flowers are now in bloom.
And what a magnificent show it is.

Aptly named the "rainbow flower",
with over 260 species and color variations,
the iris takes its name from the Greek word for rainbow.
Iris was the Greek goddess, the "messenger of love."

These flowers are the ultimate pollination "machine",
with brilliant colors that call insects in for a landing
and sophisticated "landing pads" that ensure pollination.

The 3 sepals (petals hanging down, some with beards)
alternate with 3 petals (standing upright).
Insects carrying pollen will, upon entering,
deposit their rich load on the bearded stigma;
and when backing out, the pollen which it now bears
will not be rubbed off on the stigma of the same flower.

"Perfect pollination" ensured by the iris' design,
for a fresh crop of brilliant crossed colors . . .
new rainbows for the next season.


  1. Un bello reportaje de estas bellas flores, la primera foto destaca por su gran encuadre, bellísima foto. un abrazo Rick

  2. Each flower is a soul blossoming out to nature.

  3. Your photos fill my soul .. thank you friend.

  4. Oh my gosh! I am awestruck by the ay you captured these. The first one especially. No wonder Georgia OKeefe was compelled to paint them. Oh my! I may just paint the first one, may I please?

  5. Oh my God this is so amazing, the first pic seems like animated one. Big cheers to you.

    Lots of Love,

  6. Aaaaw! Thank you! Okay, going to work now. Have a great day. xoxo

  7. Oh my goodness, truly a photographer's dream Rick!! Are all of these yours?
    Each of these is so very beautiful, and the composition of the first one is just perfection!!

  8. I think you know how much I love flower photography.
    Always make me smile :-)))
    I really missed this here during my's a very special experience that being a blogger after a while feels like being part of a new family. It's sometimes even more then real friendships because we exchange so many impressions, emotions and passions here in such an intense way that we start understanding each other from another, deeper point of view and build a very special connection with each other. I really missed you and Bhags during my vacation.

  9. Bellísimas fotos, a cual mas bonita, preciosas…

    Un placer amigo visitarte ;-)


  10. I love Robert Plant and Alisson Kraus! Fortune Teller is funny.

  11. @ Joe, we love you too


  12. pero que liantas y bonitas son éstas flores, como engañan al pobre belleza al final se paga...

    muy bueno


  13. So beautiful photos of the iris. I have learn a lot of this flower. Thanks to you!

  14. Lisa: Yes, all these iris are not from my garden (I wish), but from our fabulous local Missouri Botanical Garden -- and I went crazy with my camera 2 days ago, when I saw all these perfect iris in bloom, all these color combinations. I love living at Mo. Botanical Garden (and shooting). We are lucky to have them here.

    Joe: I know exactly what you mean. Thanks for saying it. Yes, I agree, and you know I feel that connection as well. I missed you, too. Yep, Bhags and I do love you. XOXO

  15. Did I say these are beautiful and you captured them perfectly?

  16. "C'est Magnifique" Be in awe of all that is alive. Be in natural wonder It is the pace of peace.


  17. wow you have every colour covered! these are absolutely stunning,what a beautiful collection.

  18. what a magnificent rainbow of colors! just beautiful - and the top image, a brilliant ray of sunshine skipping through a beautiful purple sky! just lovely!