Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pic Today 5/5/11


This fabulous mansion overlooks
the mighty Mississippi River in St. Louis.

Built on bluffs, overlooking the river
in an historic part of the city,
there are still 19th-century "captain's mansions"
side-by-side with modern estates, like this one.

At a recent dinner reception and barbecue,
a wealthy gallery owner showed off his new home,
which included a spacious living room,
well equipped kitchen and bar,
modern art in every nook and cranny,
multi-level balcony and patio area
for riverside dining and a magnificent view.

With the Mississippi at "flood stage",
the river barges were a stone's throw from every vista.
Less than 100 years ago, mighty "paddle wheeler" steam boats
churned up and down this great river,
carrying freight, passengers and a gambler or two.

My favorite touch . . .
a 100-year old oak tree next to the dining porch.

What a house. What a river. What a view!


  1. For a moment I thought it was your house, ha ha ha ... the house is beautiful ... thanks for the story!
    Kisses friend!

  2. Una casa preciosa y con unas vistas fantásticas, como me gustaría tener una así, geniales fotos amigo Rick, un abrazo para ti

  3. hello!
    glad to hear the weather is getting better.
    i meant to visit you earlier but i got some blog hacked problem :(

    i hope you are well!

  4. Vaya fotos más bonitas, te felicito por ellas.


  5. I was wondering if it was your home, a resort or what. Lovely views and more.

  6. seems like a really very nice place...