Monday, June 13, 2011

Pic Today 6/13/11


Since Spanish colonization,
Catholicism has been the official religion of Colombia.

In 1991, constitutional reform removed it
as the official "state church", and yet
over 80% of Colombians are still devout Catholics.

The importance of religious statues and icons
is evident throughout most cities in Colombia.
For 400 years, Colombians have erected
some of the most beautiful churches,
shrines and cathedrals in South America.

In Bogotá, there are shops where every possible
statue and figure (some life size) are for sale . . .
Jesus Christ (from infant to adult), the Virgin Mary,
Madonnas, Angels, Saints and The Crucifixion.
Interestingly, these figures are sold for home use.

For indigenous Indian tribes,
in more remote sections of Colombia,
there is less emphasis on Catholicism and religion,
and more on spirituality from nature and the earth.

Whether spiritual or religious,
there is a deep respect for a God or gods.


  1. Wonderful this series of saints. Great!

  2. Un reportaje fotográfico de los más “Santo, excelentes imágenes las que nos acercas, recibe un abrazo amigo Rick

  3. I am Catholic.... :-)
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  4. Nope, Joe . . . nothing received here.

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  6. Maybe in your spam folder or something?

  7. It's an amazing aspect of Colombian culture. I had no idea about, but, thanks to you, I've found out :)

  8. Dear Rick, I think Colombia has more in common with Brazil than I could imagine.Great post! xx

  9. I have truly never seen so many statues in one place Rick. This is really quite astounding. Wonderful photographs, and thank you for sharing the information here.